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Why are our workshops better?

People learn best under specific conditions and so we designed our workshops with those conditions in mind. Here’s how:

1. Improvisation

Improvisation has a ton of benefits and is a part of all of our workshops. Improv is also a form of comedy, which means you’re going to laugh…a lot.

Don’t believe us? Check out what these folks are saying about improv.


2. Active Learning

People learn best when they are actively participating in the learning process as opposed to watching a presentation. Benefits include:

  • Participants retain more information
  • They understand concepts at a deeper level
  • They are challenged! People need to be challenged in order to learn!

3. Get out of that comfort zone

See that smiley face? People learn best when training falls in that range; positive while at the same time slightly threatening.

Improvisation is challenging, which means people have a heightened awareness.  That’s a good thing when you want people paying attention.  Now, throw in some laughter and optimum learning conditions have been achieved!!

We’re ready to create a custom solution that is going to bring positive change to your organization while leaving everyone in stitches. Are you ready? Contact us here.

Your solution awaits with our Training and Development programs. Here are a few examples of the types of solutions we offer.


Our communication workshop teaches skills such as:

  • Preparing to communicate and why the right conditions are essential to effective communication
  • Avoiding communication bad habits and understanding the negative effects they can have
  • Creating a communication “safe zone” and encouraging others to participate in the conversation
Team Building and Collaboration

Our Team Building/Collaboration workshop focuses on the following:

  • Accepting ideas from others and learning to build on them
  • Understanding team dynamics and how you can best fit in to help achieve the team’s goals
  • Getting to know one another. Team building forms strong relationships that lead to progress and mutual understanding

The Innovation workshop focuses on:

  • Teaching our brain to see the world differently
  • Encouraging participation in the creative process
  • Discovering creative options from untapped resources
Presentation Skills

Get ready to present like a pro!  This workshop covers topics such as:

  • Capturing and holding your audience’s attention
  • Taking command of your body language and avoiding distracting presentation ticks
  • Presenting potentially complicated material
Keynote Experience

Our Keynote Speeches focus on:

  • Delivering a custom message focused on your specific goals
  • It’s not just any ole speech!  We’ll explore the benefits of improv by running fun and interactive exercises throughout the experience
  • Your people are going to laugh.  A whole bunch!

Let us develop a fun, interactive and custom keynote speech for your next event!

Not seeing what you need? Contact us here. At Mirth Creative Co, we can design a custom training program to address your specific needs.

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