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Shake things up and do something extraordinary. Take an Improv class!!

Who is improv for?

Everyone!  I cannot think of a single person in this world who would not benefit from improv.

Well, I don’t think I am funny.

Who cares!?!?  You don’t have to be funny to do improv.  In fact, our beginning level improv class doesn’t focus on being funny.  So there!

Why should I take classes with Mirth Creative Co?

Your instructor, Robert Reid, has been doing improv since 1998 and has been teaching improv since 2007.  He is also a graduate of the following Chicago improv programs:

He was also a cast member with following theaters:


Robert loves teaching all of you improv so much that he often gets goose bumps while teaching because he gets hit with a serious case of the feels.

Levels currently offered include:

Improv Fundamentals
Learn the fundamentals and build a strong “improv” base while exploring the power of an engaged ensemble.  You’re going to have fun…a lot of fun!

Scenic Improv*
You know the fundamentals, now let’s expand on those and start doing some improvised scene work. (*Requires completion of Improv Fundamentals)

Advanced Improv*
You’ve got this!  In this class, we will explore advanced improv techniques.  After this session, students will have a graduation improv show.  (*Requires completion of Improv Fundamentals and Scenic Improv)

Contact us for more info and our upcoming schedule.

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