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My name is Robert Reid and I am the owner of Mirth Creative Co.

I am also an improv actor and comedian with 13 years of experience working in corporate America. Improv acting has been an incredibly important part of my life and it’s the main reason I started Mirth Creative Co.

Since 2007, I have shared the benefits of improv with dozens of companies and individuals through workshops and improv instruction.

I worked with Walgreens to help improve communication skills amongst their managers.

I taught presentation skills to graduating seniors at Kendall College in Chicago.

I even offered team building to a Girl Scout troop.

The benefits associated with improv are boundless and my goal is to expose as many people as possible to those benefits.

We offer workshops and keynotes that explore improv and teach people how to better communicate, work as a team, collaborate and be more innovative.

We offer classes for people who want to step out of their comfort zone and do something extraordinary with their lives.

We offer entertainment in the form of fully improvised shows or custom sketch comedy that we can write about your organization.

We can help jumpstart your next project by assisting in the content creation process.

So get in with Mirth Creative Co. You’re going to find that working with us is a ton of fun.

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